Topic outline

  • Developing Team Effectiveness

    A one or two day input depending on need. We facilitate Team Leaders and teams through a range of practical tools and exercises based around key questions of why a team exists, where it is heading and how it wants to get there. The output is a set of actions that leaders and teams can own and implement in order to improve their effectiveness.

     Role: Manager/Senior Manager, Supervisor
     Functional and Behavioural
     Sector: Nuclear, Chemicals, Composites, Downstream Petroleum, Explosives, Industrial Biotechnology, Medical Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Polymers, Signmaking

    This Course is Aimed at

    Team Leaders and their Team Members as a group or Groups of Team Leaders at all levels who want to improve their ability to facilitate and coach their own teams. 


    This programme can be tailored to focus on the precise opportunities, issues and challenges facing a specific team or, for a group of team leaders, those facing the organisation as a whole.

    • Highly Effective teams can improve organisational performance by 30% when they get the climate right
    • Those teams with a clear sense of purpose have more focus around their objectives and tend to stretch themselves to achieve better results
    • At the foundation of high performing, teams is the ability to understand how team members operate at their best and to maximise this in practice

    Programme Content and Key Areas

    • Defining High Performing Teams and Team Effectiveness – what is it?
    • 14 Indicators of Highly Effective Teams – where are we as a team?
    • Who the team exists for – stakeholder mapping
    • Why the team exists – team purpose
    • What future the team wants to create
    • Keeping objectives simple – 3 Must Wins
    • Ways of working as a team – strengths and preferences such as Myers-Briggs
    • Ground rules for effective working
    • Agreeing logistics – when to drive team objectives

    Learning Outcomes

     By improving the focus of the team and the coaching skills of the Team Leader, at the end of this programme teams will be able to:
    • Identify how they compare with the core conditions that make a team highly effective
    • Work more closely with those key customers and stakeholders who are at the heart of why the team exists
    • Outline the impact that the team wants to have over the next twelve months and beyond
    • Agree those critical must win targets that the team need to deliver against in the future
    • Set ground rules for how they can get the best from each other’s strengths in the team and adapt their ways of working as a group

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