Topic outline

  • Influence and Impact

    This half day course which is delivered on-site is designed to help staff and managers make their point effectively and professionally in a range of business situations and to develop both the confidence and the supporting interpersonal skills to ensure good communication and develop positive relationships at work.

     Role: Manager/Senior Manager, Supervisor, Other
     Functional and Behavioural
     Sector: Chemicals, Composites, Downstream Petroleum, Explosives, Industrial Biotechnology, Medical Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Polymers, Signmaking

    This Course is Aimed at

    Anyone who has to influence others.


    Getting your point across to others at work can be difficult.  Lines get crossed, and misunderstandings may seem to arise from nowhere especially if those with whom you are interacting have different communication and behavioural styles from your own.  This course comprises elements of communication, persuasion and assertiveness.  It will help those who need to influence others at work.

    Programme Content and Key Areas

    • The influencing process.

    • Building a business case.

    • How to recognise different behavioural styles and flexing your style to match.

    • How different personal styles need different message structures in order that the message is accepted.

    • The concept of assertiveness, its behaviours and using it positively.

    Learning Outcomes

    To help delegates to make their point effectively and professionally in a range of business situations.

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