Topic outline

  • Human Performance: Beyond Human Error

    This is a 2 day focused, insightful course designed to improve your understanding of human performance and the application of associated tools. It is designed to make it easier for people to work at their best and reduce the opportunities for human error and repeat deviations.

    Course Code FBE-61

    UK and Internationally

    Delivery  e-Learning
    Role Role:  All-roles
    Competence Functional and Behavioural
    Sector Sector: Pharmaceuticals

    This Course is Aimed at

    This course is ideal if you:

    • Are responsible for process improvement in your team and need help with the approach
    • Have had issues with your deviations raised in your latest (and previous) inspections, especially problems that have not been fully investigated or are repeat issues
    • Are committing a lot of time and effort on investigations but not effectively addressing the issues you are finding

    Programme Content and Key Areas

    We explore that:

    • Human error is the starting point of an investigation, rarely its conclusion.
    • If we stop at human error and blame people, we will learn very little and improve nothing.

    Most errors and mistakes happen because we work in complex systems. We need to examine how work happens, understand how it goes right, and learn from issues. The application of human performance tools brings an opportunity for your teams to improve key KPIs and reduce costs associated with deviations.

    This course moves away from legacy responses to human error, such as “blame and retrain” and “update the SOP.” Instead, we share effective approaches and tools that can integrate into your existing systems. We provide practical steps you can apply to reduce risk and promote effective compliance.

    Our virtual human error prevention course is delivered via a combination of an instructor-led virtual classroom and self-paced learning online. Full details will be sent to you following registration.

    Learning Outcomes

    By the end of this human performance course, you will understand:

    • The psychology of human error
    • How a system can be resilient enough to maintain effective performance to deliver a quality product even when mistakes are made
    • How to use human performance tools to support effective deviation investigation and design effective CAPAs
    • How to apply a hierarchy of control to reduce risk in human interactions in pharmaceutical processes

    Participants also gain free access to additional human error prevention resources and support following the course.

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