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Delta Net Social Media Awareness

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This course is aimed at

This course is suitable for all employees, including subcontractors and external partners.


Study this course to find out what you need to be aware of when using social media and how to protect yourself. If you are using one of the multiple social networking sites, from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube to LinkedIn; it is crucial to understand the potential risks of using them.

Programme Content and Key Areas

In the UK today, 59% of the population are active social media users. With this course, ensure employees understand how their actions online can affect your organisation'’s reputation and their own personal security.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of managing your privacy settings on social media sites
  • Be aware of the impact and consequences that your behaviour on social media sites can have
  • Be aware of the different types of social media sites
  • Understand the importance of not entering into discussions about the company or its brands on social media sites to ensure consistency of message across all platforms

Technical Specifications

A full guide to the technical specifications required to run this course as well as information on the devices and browsers that the course has been tested on can be found on this link:


There will be a section at the end of the module with short multiple choice questions to test your knowledge. A pass mark of 80% is required to successfully complete the course.


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