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Cogent Skills has worked with the industry led Process Safety Management Competence Programme Board (PSMCPB) to develop a comprehensive Process Safety Management Programme and a portfolio of courses which are underpinned with industry specific training standards designed to ensure relevance and secure impact.

The HSE has recognised that companies who adopt these standards can achieve effective Process Safety Management. The Better Regulation Executive (BRE) has recognised this training as good practice in addressing the Principles of Process Safety Leadership.

Each of the Process Safety Management courses are relevant to COMAH and non COMAH sites and can be adapted so that the course is particularly relevant to the organisation.

Cogent Skills also understands that a company may have its own culture and this should be recognised and integrated when process safety training is designed and deployed. In order to enable this, there is a bespoke solution that can be adapted to any organisation in order to match the standards with existing policies, procedures, processes and systems.

This program goes much further than increasing process safety awareness, it has been designed to impact on business performance by:

  • Reducing costly process incidents, downtime and maintaining process operations
  • Improving stability, productivity and product quality
  • Protecting & enhancing corporate image
  • Enabling effective life cycle plant management and asset realisation
  • Developing the tools and knowledge to implement a process safety culture through the business

Last modified: Thursday, 24 August 2017, 3:39 PM