About Cogent

Who are Cogent Skills?

Cogent Skills is the UK’s strategic body for skills in the science industries, led by sector employers. We work with them to develop, design and deploy skills solutions for the sector.

All our products and services are designed with science industry employers, are underpinned by national standards and meet the unique requirements of the sector.

Industries covered include chemicals, polymers, biotechnology, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, bio medical technologies, environmental technologies, bio medical devices, nuclear and organisations that devote the majority of their efforts in the various stages of research, development, technology transfer and commercialisation.

Our strategic role

Cogent Skills has a key strategic partnership role and has successfully established a Science Industry Partnership (SIP). Cogent Skills is the expert delivery partner for the SIP.


Cogent Skills has over a decade of expertise in skills for science industries. It both responds to the skills demands of business and connects with government skills policies to ensure the right environment for skills to flourish. Everything that we do is underpinned by a robust quality system.   

What we do

We bring a holistic approach to addressing your people development challenges, using our employer-led Gold Standard benchmarking tools to unlock key insights into your organisation.  The benefits to our approach include:

·        Solutions tailored to your organisation’s skills needs – with a focus on science industry a capabilities

·        Improved performance through your people –  through tailored recruitment solutions and skills benchmarking against the Gold Standard

·        A people development strategy that drives business performance – using key milestones

We can also help you make the business case for skills.


About the industry approved Gold Standard

The Gold Standard is a Competency Framework for individuals in the science based industries. It sets an aspirational industry standard for expected levels of on-the-job performance. It supports individual Continuing Professional Development (CPD), setting out the skills required for world class performance in key job roles.

Through this national framework individuals can be confident that their skills have been benchmarked to a national, industry-developed standard. The framework describes and maps the competencies required to a wide range of jobs across four areas of competence:

·        Technical Competence

·        Business Improvement

·        Compliance

·        Functional and Behavioural

Companies using the Gold Standard framework have highlighted significant improvements in raising the skills level through real added value training focused on identified skills gaps. The return on training investment has been improved and quantified through case studies.

Process Safety

Cogent Skills initiated the establishment of the industry, stakeholder and regulatory body led Process Safety Management Project Board in 2010, which is now the de facto body responsible for identifying and agreeing priorities for the development of Process Safety training standards in the UK. 

The training standards are developed and maintained by Cogent Skills, which is the standards setting body for occupational skills and competence in the science based industries in the United Kingdom. 

Cogent Skills acts on behalf of the Process Safety Management Project Board to quality assure the delivery and content of courses designed to meet the exacting standards set by the Project Board.

Courses are designed to support the engagement of senior leadership, management teams, and operational personnel in high hazard industries, and to increase their overall awareness of the impact of their decisions on and their responsibilities towards the establishment and maintenance of effective process safety practices, systems and above all, culture.

The delivery methods and content of the Process Safety training standards and courses are seen to be complementary to the establishment of process safety management awareness within Major Accident Hazard industries and are cited by the UK Health and Safety Executive as an example of industry good practice.

Cogent Learn

Our platform, Cogent Learn, powered by Cogent Skills, is wholly owned and managed in-house, giving peace of mind that your content is hosted in good hands. Our hosting platform has been developed to support any elearning output and is optimised to run in the most secure and efficient manner. Cogent Learn is built with the user in mind and provides each individual with a personal learning environment. This interactive platform is constantly enhanced and evolves with the advancements of technology creating a rich and varied environment. This means that the user can always expect the best experience.

Cogent Learn aims to be the collaborative source of elearning and online training for the science industries as well as the window to traditionally delivered quality assured training solutions. To achieve this we work with forward thinking training and institutions to showcase educational excellence and connect your knowledge and learning resources with the science community and learners from around the world.

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