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Cogent Skills provides a suite of process safety, leadership and technical training courses tailored to the needs of science industry employers. Courses which are underpinned by national training standards. All courses are delivered by our expert delivery partners who are quality assured and chosen because of their often innovative delivery methods and consistently high standards.

Current Cogent Skills Courses:

Cogent Skills courses are designed by industry, for industry, with content meeting key industry and Cogent’s Gold Standards. All courses are developed by an industrial Board and key stakeholders, trade bodies and hold endorsements of regulatory bodies. All PSM courses are described by the HSE as ‘unique and fully meeting the levels that they expect to see in a high hazard business’.

Richard Roff, Costain Group Process Safety Manager and PSM Competence Programme Board Chairman, says: 

"Having a framework of industry-assured competence standards and training materials for businesses will allow them to apply consistent approaches and deliver the organisational competence to manage risks from those hazards, not only contributing to compliance with regulation but also bringing business benefits from loss reduction." 

Learn more about the PSM Competence Programme Board.

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