Topic outline

  • Human Resource Essentials - LIPI Module 6

    Human Resources Essentials is a short course for supervisors. It covers the basics of HR including; an insight into HR law, the role of HR in industry, when to involve an HR professional, the importance of procedure and accurate record keeping.

     Role: Technician
     Functional and Behavioural
     Sector: Chemicals, Downstream Petroleum, Explosives

    This Course is Aimed at

    Existing front line supervisors and other supervisors who have attended module 1 - Stepping up to become a Supervisor


    Leading in the Process Industries is a comprehensive course of 7 modules designed to meet the requirements of new supervisors and existing supervisors who would like to refresh their competencies.

    This one day module aims to provide a clear understanding of the basics of Human Resources Management and the risks of mistakes. Its purpose is to ensure employees in supervisory roles are able to deal with minor human resource issues within the context of company HR policy and procedure. It is not intended to produce HR experts, it is designed as a guideline for navigating through difficult HR situations as a frontline supervisor.

    Pre Course Activity

    • One hour pre-reading Participants will be asked to bring any examples they may have around Human Resource problems they may have encountered for discussion and to work on within the workshop
    • Pre-course questionnaire
    • Obtain and read copy of participant’s local HR guidelines for employees (to be brought to the event)

    The 7 modules in this series include:

    Module 1 - Stepping up to become a Supervisor

    Module 2 - Difficult Discussions

    Module 3 - Coaching & Mentoring

    Module 4 - Dealing with Change

    Module 5 - Getting the most out of your Team

    Module 6 - Human Resource Essentials

    Module 7 - Introduction to Project Management

    Programme Content and Key Areas

    • Understand the role of Human Resources functions in Industry. Why we need them. An insight into employment law in the UK
    • Develop complete clarity around when you must involve a Human Resource advisor in discipline related activities
    • Taking timely and accurate notes of something that has happened which may be needed later
    • The importance of strictly following HR procedures and keeping accurate records

    Learning Outcomes

     On completion of this module, participants will be able to:
    • Fully understand when you need to involve the HR function in specific situations within your business
    • Be completely clear of what you must and must not do when conducting discipline or other poor performance reviews
    • Understand the importance of keeping good and accurate records of what has happened and any meetings involved and who said what
    • Be aware of the basics of employment law within the UK
    • Have a thorough understanding of your own businesses HR procedures

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