Topic outline

  • Dealing with Change - LIPI Module 4

    Dealing with change is a short course for new supervisors. The course covers the different types of change, people's reaction to change and managing the change process in a positive and enduring way. The course covers leadership & management and communication aspects of the Gold Standard.

     Role: Supervisor
     Functional and Behavioural
     Sector: Signmaking, Polymers, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Composites, Downstream Petroleum, Explosives, Industrial Biotechnology, Medical Biotechnology, Medical Devices

    This Course is Aimed at

    Existing front line supervisors and other supervisors who have attended module 1 - Stepping up to become a Supervisor.


    Leading in the Process Industries is a comprehensive course of 7 modules designed to meet the requirements of new supervisors and existing supervisors who would like to refresh their competencies.

    This one day module provides a clear understanding of the principles of good first line management within an organisation and the approaches that can be used to deliver sustainable results through the efficient and effective management of the workforce. It will cover how to deal with bringing changes into your team; some of which will not be popular.

    Pre Course Activity - One hour pre-reading. Participants will be asked to bring with them an example of a Change that may be implemented in their company for discussion

    The 7 modules in this series include:

    Module 1 - Stepping up to become a Supervisor

    Module 2 - Difficult Discussions

    Module 3 - Coaching & Mentoring

    Module 4 - Dealing with Change

    Module 5 - Getting the most out of your Team

    Module 6 - Human Resource Essentials

    Module 7 - Introduction to Project Management

    Programme Content and Key Areas

    • The different types of change we come across
    • Managing yourself when you don’t like the change you may be asked to implement
    • Framing a change positively so that affected team members see the benefits of the change
    • Understand some of the reasons why people are afraid of change and learn how to deal with it
    • How to make sure changes stick and we don’t revert to the old way 

    Learning Outcomes

     On completion of this module, participants will be able to:
    • Articulate the types of change your team may be faced with now and in the future
    • Understand why people are resistant and sometimes afraid of change and how you deal with it
    • Demonstrate accountability for changes you have to implement without blaming up the hierarchy
    • Use simple tools to frame change and involve your team members in how to implement changes they have to embrace
    • Present well-structured cases for change to your team when needed
    • Take the lead in change implementation and create momentum to ensure changes do not regress
    • Effectively communicate complicated information in a way that everyone understands it

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